Yeehaw & Yum: Chuck Wagon Restaurant

I spent nearly 10 years living in the Bible-belt South and one thing that definitely grew on me (and maybe my waistline) was that down home Southern cooking. Sometimes I miss walking into any restaurant to be able to order a fresh order of sweet tea (not a glass where the customer adds their own sweetener [because it never fully dissolves]). Color me surprised… I found a restaurant where I can do just that: Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Kendall.

Chuck Wagon Restaurant mural and decorations
Chuck Wagon Restaurant mural and decorations

While the free parking can leave a little to be desired on the weekend, did I mention it was free? The restaurant is next to feed and supply store so you definitely get Western feel. The decorations are a bit dated and cliche but good surprise. Definitely a place worth the wait and the service is good and friendly- what else do you expect from Southern hospitality?

Good Food & Big Servings

IMG_2389There is a great selection of food, lots of yummy comfort food. They know how to cook eggs properly (too many breakfast places make crispy fried eggs even when you ask them to make sure they are not crispy). Their home fries aren’t as consistent- some are crispy, most are not and usually they have different levels of seasoning.  However, when I am hungry AF… I want me some biscuits with sausage gravy because that ish is delish! And crunchy bacon… every single time.

If you come here a lot, besides seeing lots of locals- you become a regular, part of the family. I wouldn’t say their seating is the most comfortable but most of the time places in Miami don’t have overly comfy chairs/booths. Most of the time, the food comes out of the kitchen super fast and I’ve never had cold food. I’ve never sent food back either. By the way- their pecan (or blueberry, chocolate chip, strawberry or apple cinnamon) waffles are amazing! They also make pancakes with the same mix/fillings. In addition, they have pie filling like toppings (compote) if you want a really sweet breakfast. Some of the drinks are served in cowboy boot cups, like their milkshakes and orange juice.IMG_7468

There is a dry erase board with specials by the front door and I always noticed a listing for “redneck benedict” which sounded interesting. Homestyle biscuit, sausage patty with poached egg smothered with sausage gravy. Run, Yolk, Run! Unless you are going to Cracker Barrel, it is hard to find Southern home style food in Miami. I’ve even had a patty melt that was yum with nice french fries.

This place is not fancy; it IS good food, generous portions, and good service. Enjoy!


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