Plate with lox, egg, fried potatoes

ZTB & Mojo Donuts Update

… and Gut Busting Good is back! In the meantime, some great culinary experiences in Miami have gone the way of history while many others have popped up. Two of these changes concern venues that have been reviewed by the hungry, thirtsy gal here at GBG- Gut Busting Good.

Mojo Donuts

3 doughnuts from Mojo Donuts
A doughnut trio from Mojo Donuts

Mojo (Pembroke Pines) got swole and opened a new location, Mojo Donuts & Fried Chicken (MD&FC). MD&FC started serving gourmet donuts in Westchester, Miami in Dec. 2016 and FINALLY just started serving chicken April 2017. Also, for the second year in a row, Mojo took home first place in Wynwood’s DonutFest (March 30, 2017). MD&FC boasts their best seller is their Guava doughnut. I have that Mojo love, but I love the Pembroke Pines location better. Why? Seating and atmosphere.  When you walk into the OG Mojo, you feel like you are walking into a living room with a few small tables. Some of the seating is loveseats or couches <3. However, MD&FC has silver metal tables and chairs with a few thin throw pillows here and there with the feeling that they want you not to stay or not stay for long. Honestly, it has dampered my love of donuts (and I can never seem to go on a day when they serve cronuts). However, they do have great donuts… haven’t tried the chicken yet. Have you? Tell me about it.

Zak the Baker

Plate with lox, egg, fried potatoes
Lox, Egg & Fried Fingerling Potatoes from ZTB Deli

Our favorite porridge spot is no longer making porridge- or at least they weren’t the last time my friends and I visited. Zak the Baker has split its efforts into two locations with the OG location serving as its Deli and just a block away, the Bakery. I’m sure their bakery demands exceeded their previous ability based on space. The new deli located a skip and a hop away is HUGE. Be careful when you step  in the front door, there is a huge step up almost immediately. Did I mention the space is huge, but I imagine there are still lines during busy times. Both locations, great service… great (kosher) food- that hasn’t changed.


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