Cool bottle, bro: Carnivor Cab

Curse of buying the cool looking bottle. Sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss. Take the good, take the bad… what do you have? The facts of wine. Now this bottle has meow factor. A black label ripped like a talon tore through it. Grey filigree designs around the border and at the bottle a lovely quote in Old English font, “man is a tool wielding animal.” A bottle of this fine vine runs between $10-$15 and Wine Enthusiasts gives it 90 points. Interest piqued.

Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon
Carnivor, California
14% ABV

Carnivor uses syrah, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon grapes

Oh you sneaky wine with your vine filagree and border entwined with corkscrews in each corner, what slickness you have. The winery embraces their hashtag motto #devourlife. Let’s drink the kool-aid and get to devouring this review!

Imagine a wine targeting the manly man. This wine is full of flavor, deep color. Grrr. Where’s my steak and it betta be bleeding. This color is purple-red, almost inky black. Thank god it’s not thicker or you might mistake it for blood. Maybe that’s the point?

Take a whiff and you will enjoy a sweet fruity scent with an earthy grit. I’d definitely let this wine rest after opening. Strong and it’s got it going on… let’s drink!

Definitely a bold flavor profile, not to be paired with delicate dishes. The label teases “hints of blackberry, caramel, roast coffee and oak,” and you definitely get that & more! I also tasted some nuances of cherry, pepper, and licorice. Not too heavy with bitter tannins, just savory. I would pair this with a thick juicy steak, succulent BBQ pork chop or bring on a hearty Italian dish made with a garlicky red sauce for a gut busting good dinner! Not an every day drinking wine (sticking with Apothic Red for that).

Devour Life: Carnivor in Miami

I’m kind of upset I missed Carnivor’s recent event at Futurama 1637 Galleries in Miami with Miami Smokers. Speaking of which, Miami Smokers… I’m coming for you and after this bottle of wine- damn, I’m hungry.



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