Red, Red Wine… Feel So Fine

What’s your old standby? The drink you order that you know is safe, that you know you like that most restaurants or bars have?  No surprises, just a comfortable friend waiting for your company. If we are talking red wine, for me it is Apothic Red.

Apothic Red
Apothic Winery, California
13.5% ABV

I’m going to share a secret about myself and please, don’t share it with anyone else! I often buy wine based on cool labels, especially if it is under $25- or at least I used to do so. Apothic Red was one of those purchases.  It runs approximately $8-$12 per bottle depending on the turning planets and alignment of the stars. Awesome value. It has a smooth taste with a fruity finish. Some might consider this a table wine, a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Syrah. While this is not a super sweet wine, it is sweeter than most dark reds. I could definitely pick up the vanilla and hints of oak among the sweet fruit notes. Apothic’s website suggests flavors of cherry and mocha as well.

IMG_4597Apothic also provides the following wines: Apothic White, Apothic Crush, and Apothic Dark Red. I’ve tried the Apothic Crush and Apothic Dark Red (generally I avoid white wines). Apothic Crush was disappointing in comparison to Apothic Red as it was too smooth (very velvety but I’m not sure if that idea was influenced by the silky image on the label). A mix of Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir, the wine had hints of caramel and chocolate. Basically it just seemed to come off with a flattish flavor. However, the Apothic Dark Red is a bit more gritty with its flavor profile. It has notes of blueberry, blackberry, dark chocolate and coffee. A very robust taste, but I think this is a wine that gives me a headache (sadly because I really like it). If you’ve had Apothic White, what did you think about it?


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