Better than doughnuts?

What makes you get up out of bed in the morning… your pet(s), paycheck, or the nagging need to urinate? What if it was a breakfast of champions, a meal so powerful that makes you pause and savor the moment? What if you had to drive approximately 30 miles to get to that breakfast- would you do it? I do.  So let’s get to it, what’s better than doughnuts? Gourmet doughnuts, of course.

Mojo Donuts

7906 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines FL 33324
6:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri


Glazed Kro-nut (croissant doughnut)

Mojo Donuts is a gourmet doughnut shop located in a Pembroke Pines strip mall. Thankfully there is always plenty of parking, even when there is a line out of the front door which sometimes occurs during mid-morning weekend hours. Mojo was founded by Shawn and Shelly Neifeld in early 2013.

The shop has several best selling donuts that are popular with local South Floridians. One of my favorites is their glazed Kro-nut which is a croissant doughnut hybrid pastry, similar to the Dominique Ansel Bakery of New York fame. Mojo carries several diffent types of Kro-nuts but they are only available on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes they even have Kro-nut bites, which are the holes in a small bag- better for sharing or saving for later (if you can)!

White Chocolate Deco Delite

Another one of my favorites is their Deco Delite. They have two types, one drizzled with white chocolate and the other drizzled milk chocolate. This doughnut is all kinds of magic like having cereal and granola with fruit at the same time. You might need utensils to devour the Deco Delight. The cereal coating is extremely crunchy and the center doughy soft, with a banana creme center. Lots of sugary awesomeness so if you drink coffee, don’t sweetened it! Let the doughnuts do the sweetening for you.

Check out how Mojo makes their Deco Delite (video by The New Tropic).

If you are fan of guava, there is amazing guava & cheese doughnuts… red velvet doughnuts… and oversized, crispy fritters (usually just apple but once there was a blueberry fritter that “changed my life”). However, one of their biggest sellers is the Nutella Maple Bacon doughnuts (see below). Enough said.  Well if you want me to say more… if you mention Mojo Donuts at my workplace- people get all nostalgic to the last time they had Mojo and moan “Mmmm!” Make your coworkers speechless, bring a box of Mojo… or just keep them for yourself because they are truly gut busting good! Go get your gourmet doughnut on!


“Leftover” Notes:
If you live in Miami and aren’t keen on driving 30 some miles to get the most amazing doughnuts in South Florida, no fear. Mojo Donuts & Fried Chicken is opening in Westchester in late 2016… as they say, “Stickybun come soon.”


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