Join the Porridge Appreciation Society

Sticky, Sweet and Gut Busting Good ZTB Toast

Welcome to Zak the Baker Cafe

I now call to order the first meeting of the Porridge Appreciation Society, or better yet let’s just go for broke and say that we’re the Zak the Baker (ZTB) Appreciation Society. You’ve might have heard about Zak’s before… oye vey, the lines! So popular you get there early or you plan to wait and yes, it truly is worth the wait- even in the hot Florida sun. ZTB is a kosher cafe, founded by Zak Stern.  To learn more about Zak, read “The Tall Tale of Zak the Baker,” but I’m going to continue by focusing more on the cafe’s food.

Zak the Baker Cafe
405 NW 26 St. Miami FL, 33127
Mon-Fri, Sun 7am-5pm (Closed Saturdays)

One day I went Wynwood with Zak’s in mind and hit up Panther Coffee (because their ice coffee is the bombaliscious brew) to fortify myself, in case of ZTB lines. I was pleasantly surprised once I got to Zak’s because they too serve Panther Coffee cold brew! The house was packed and the line was long (Sunday mid-morning hours) so I decided to get something to go.  Toast with cherries, pears, almond butter on Zak’s famous bread and I sat on the curb while I savored this treat.  I might have even licked the box when I was done. No shame in this foodie’s game.

ZTB (Papaya) Porridge

First Time for Everything

Next time I planned my trip to ZTB more purposefully; ahem, I was first in the door. I embraced my vision for the year of trying new things and ordered the porridge. I played it safe and ordered quiche as well. I also ordered that amazing toast to go, for later of course.  Just a heads up, the daily menu is written on scrolls of brown butcher paper to the right of the door as you enter and changes based on seasonal items. However, you have plenty of time in line to peruse the scrolls of scrumptiousness to decide what to enjoy.

Quiche of Awesomeness

Some of you might be asking- what is porridge exactly? I’ve heard of porridge in nursery rhymes and fairy tales such as Goldilocks & the Three Bears. Porridge is like oatmeal, right? Actually, oatmeal is porridge but all porridge do not contain oatmeal. Porridge is a broad category, a cereal or meal/grain that is boiled in either milk or water.  ZTB porridge is special- you don’t have to trust me… go try some. We’re talking a list of amazing ingredients, to include: quinoa, oats, amaranth, granola, cherries, magic, maple syrup, rainbows, happiness, etc. which put all together lead to a gut busting goodness until your spoon scrapes the ceramic bowl. The oats are smooth, while the quinoa provides pops of chewiness. The amaranth gives the porridge a slightly nutty flavor and is a powerhouse of nutrients, to include: vitamin C, iron, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. When you do come for the next meeting of the Porridge Appreciation Society, bring a friend!

Was the quiche good- dare you ask? Of course. The somewhat last word of this quick review is that ZTB uses the best ingredients, prepared intentionally to be full of flavor in every bite.  Don’t ask what’s good here; it all is.


“Leftover” Notes:
There is no REAL Porridge Appreciation Society- well not that I know of. Just go try the porridge, you’ll love it. This review is actually a compilation of many visits watching the ZTB crew zip around each other- everyone knowing their role, where to go and what to do. I love the ZTB staff, such amazing folks. Mad props to ZTB for bringing bread (and other types of) joy to the South Florida masses. You can often find ZTB bread served at other local restaurants, sold at select farmer markets or at Whole Foods locations. You know you’re loved when co-workers bring in bakery items from ZTB! Lookout for a ZTB Deli at a new location in Wynwood in the near future.


5 thoughts on “Join the Porridge Appreciation Society

  1. l am joining. Seriously and most emphatically (why did I not think of this before?) Bringing not only one friend, but probably half the congregation. We are all hooked on Zak’s breads. As long as the meeting is at Zak’s, of course!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Koolkosherkitchen for the comment!

      I recently visited Sugarcane in Midtown and felt like I was in a scene from “Portlandia” TV show, when I noticed their benedicts were nestled on what seemed to be Zak the Baker toast. It always such a treat to have great bread. I find following his instagram feed that I learn a lot about bread/baking terms.

      If you do have the porridge, I hope that you enjoy! When I go- I usually sit near where they make the eggs and bother their Sous Chef, Thalia.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear Sky, where had you been before I retired? BTW, just call me Dolly, or, as my students call me, Dr D. I still teach Ed Psych. part time. In my school, we had a full neurofeedback lab, and ed tech games were always a huge part of our therapeutic approach. I’ll make you a date, exactly a year from now. Take your partner and your daughter, and let’s go kayaking. Then I”ll treat you all to salmon gravlax on the boat. I supply wine (has to be kosher!) and make gravlox, and you get Zak’s bread. Deal?


      2. Dolly, nice to meet you! You prompted me scrub over my sites. My relationship status has changed to “Table for One.” 🙂 Kayaking is always a good idea.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sorry to hear about your relationship, but sometimes “Table for One” is needed for a while. I don’t mean to pry, sorry. Are you still going for your doctorate? If I could be helpful in any way, let me know. Enjoy your weekend!


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